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October 28, 2010

Business and Trade Investments in India

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With the global market trend on a rise, on back of developing countries robust economic growth, investing in India has emerged as a trendsetter phenomenon. Business in India is booming with the high demand – supply curve on a rise. The investment advisors globally are projecting the potentials of investing in India as well as business in India.

Many of the Private equity (PE) and Venture Capitalists (VC) firms are projecting investment guide for investment advisors to overseas Indians as well as to NRI interested in trade investments, business in India. The favourable sectors being projected as the automobile sector, is receiving high influx of trade investments from foreign companies – which are ready to harness the potential of the sector. The high consumer demand, mainly driven by the economy growth has increased the interest of the enterprises to either do business in India or to invest in India.

It is important for investors to have some trend analysis of investment scope before they plan to start or set up a business in India, thus the investment advisors are preparing extensive investment guides to help and direct the trade investments and the scope of a particular business in India.

Health Insurance is another sector, which is being viewed as a potential business in India, as the larger demographic base of India remains devoid of the same. Infact, the health insurance is also rising due to India also being viewed as a potential destination for health tourism. The trade investments and the supporting government policies is making it easier for foreign firms to do business in India or to invest in India.

The increasing relaxation for FDI inflows in various sectors of business in India, are collectively witnessing a heightened influx of foreign enterprises looking for investment guide to investing in India and also in order to come in joint ventures (JV), besides mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals. India provides enormous opportunity to do business in India and to do trade investments.

Some of the latest investments in India include security solutions provider, Micro Technologies (India) Ltd (MTIL) planning to form a 50:50 joint venture (JV) with Israel-based H A Sh Systems to set up international command and control centres in India. A new version of trade investments is by means of pop-up stores—temporary shops that usually sell goods for a limited period of time. The trade investments in India are basically guided by the projections of the investment guides and the investment advisors, where the investment advisors look interestingly into the potential of each sector related to business in India.

The scope of Indian economy is one of the best in terms of growth, which becomes more evident from the latest IMF projections, thus boosting the trade investments in India. It is important for the investment guides prepared by the investment advisors to be comprehensive and simple to comprehend. The slew of updates on government policies and increasing the FDI limits have helped in increasing the amount of investing in India, along with the increase in the businesses in India. The investment advisors play a crucial role in developing the trade investments and the opportunity of business in India.


October 11, 2010

Indian Economy and Foreign Investments

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The Indian economy has crossed a significant landmark with the SENSEX crossing the 20, 000 mark in September 2010, majorly due to high influx of foreign institutional investors (FIIs) investing in India. The Indian economy is being praised globally as it emerged as one of the most effective stabilisers during the global recession. The business in India has been surpassing in most of the fronts. The investments in India are registering a never before response.

Moreover, on the back of robust growth in Indian economy activities, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), in its monthly review estimated India’s gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 9.2 per cent in 2010-11. The investments in India are significantly on a rampant growth. Business in India has been one of the least recession hit industries. This is one reason the West is looking towards the Sub continent with such keen interest to investing in India. The business in India assists in showcasing a detailed Indian economy overview of growth, besides supporting as a reference feature for further investment guidance to invest in India.

The FIIs have net infused US$ 17.9 billion so far in 2010 into the Indian economy, the highest ever yearly inflow since foreign funds were allowed to investing in India in 1992, according to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) data. Investments in India are being routed mostly through the private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC), besides the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s).

It is apparently the need of foreign companies to be assisted through proper investment guidance modes and in contributing to the Indian economy by attracting more investments in India.

Significantly, there is also an increase in the number of foreign firms investing in India in all sectors. The scope of business in India is majorly revolving around the automobile industry, retailing sector, FMCG, besides retail and telecommunication. The number of manufacturing units coming up in India has also increased, lucidly indicating the high potential of business in India.

Furthermore, To start a business in India it is required that the person receives proper investment guidance. The availability and sourcing of investment guidance forms one of the important components in properly channelizing the investments in India. Investment guidance is also provided by many firms in order to assist the investor put his share in a suitable and performing sector. Investment guidance in markets, investment guidance with respect to mutual funds, PE, VC etc can also be asked from various investment guidance companies. The demand for investment guidance is ever increasing in Indian economy.

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