Investment Opportunities in India

November 26, 2010

Connect to India through Business

The business in India is a new wave of trend being followed globally. Investing in India is becoming a big attraction for the foreign investors especially due to the booming Indian economy and the staggering economy of the developed countries. The investment guide to do business in India is being provided with various forms of services – handholding services is one of them. These services assist the investors to do business in India and provide guidance from conception to completion of the project. The services in India support companies of all countries interested in setting up there business in all forms. The investment guide is another tool with respect to providing services to the Indian community. India Connect is one of the favored slogans for forming the connection with non-resident Indians (NRIs). Ministry of Overseas takes out a monthly newsletter India Connect targeting the Overseas Investors, NRIs etc to come forward to do business in India. Through its knowledge partners, it provides part of the handholding services, as it provides information and also explains as an investment guide to set up an enterprise.

The India Connect concept is most favored as India has always been a great fascinating destination for the foreign players especially with the large population base and the huge opportunity to do business in India. The developing countries have been acclaimed as being the most conducive destinations to do business. The amount of business in India becomes more evident with the amount of foreign fund investments crossing the US$ 100 billion mark on November 8, 2010, since the foreign investors were allowed to make investments in the Indian stocks in 1992. Doing business in India has been remarked as one of the smartest decisions especially during the economic meltdown. The fascinating turnaround conditions have been a boon to the handholding services business in India. The services have done a good job in attracting FDI and the foreign players to come and to set up in their business in India.

The handholding services encompass forming joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions besides providing the scope and feasibility studies of doing business in India. The amount of FDI flowing in India by way of investments and joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions besides the investments through private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC) is making new record highs. The companies providing services also dwell in providing the investment guide, which acts as an instrument to build the foundation of an enterprise. The guide represents providing a wholesome detail about the business opportunity in India. More important is retrieving the remittances by attracting the Indians abroad through the India Connect. India has The India Connect has been a direct initiative to attract the NRI and the overseas investors to come forward and invest in various sectors. The most sought after sectors being the education, healthcare, retail, real estate, Pharma besides sustainable development. The investment guide to do business in India has helped India connect well with its investors and similarly help them establish themselves in the competitive Indian market. The handholding services have given impetus to the Indian economy by way of its assistance.


November 11, 2010

Indian economy: Investment opportunities to do Business in India

The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world with good population base. The growth rate of GDP is reviewed around 8.75 per cent plus against 7.4 per cent in the previous year. The Indian economy offers the best investment opportunities even in tough times as of the financial meltdown. Investing in India or to do business in India is the latest trend followed by the developed world. The business in India and the investment opportunities showcased by the Indian economy are booming with the foreign players investing in India, to harness the good opportunities of doing business in India.

Developed countries see India as a good investment opportunities destination because of factors like cost effectiveness, ambitious economic reforms, relatively better labor intensive Indian economy with good skilled, managerial and technical manpower and commanding manufacturing conditions for investing in India. As the economic pace is picking up, demand of various products and services is increasing the investment opportunities and business in India.

The Indian economy has performed well in last six months with increased exports and good capital inflow to do business in India. With increased purchasing power parity, various international companies are taking interest to increase their business in India.

India is offering good potential for the overseas investors to make investment in India and is frequently encouraging the foreign players to consider India as one of the best investment opportunities destination. Inflation rate is coming down which is a good sign for the foreign investors as it will bring down the cost of manufacturing and increase the Indian economy growth prospects of Investing in India and to increase the investment opportunities and to do business in India.

As India economy is the fifth largest in the world and third largest GDP in the entire continent of Asia, it offers high prospects for investment opportunities, business growth and return potential of investing in India and to do the business in India. The world’s popular brands have started seeing Indian economy as the potential market for future investment opportunity destination to do business in India.

Indian economy is witnessing an increase in the FII investment by many fold and improved economic conditions and investment opportunities to do business in India – will surely help to take the Indian economy at an even better level in future. Indian economy is believed to be a superior place for investment opportunities and to do business in India, as it offers much better returns on capital.

Indian economy has come up as a very vibrant capital market and is treated as a destination filled with investment opportunities in order to do business in India. Indian economy is coming up with world class infrastructure and facilities which surely help in attracting investment and business in India. With good democratic base and infrastructure, Indian economy has emerged as a very positive indicator for attracting investing in India, besides to do business in India, specifically in front of the global investors to utilize the potentials of investment opportunities in the Indian economy for better and larger margins and growth.

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