Investment Opportunities in India

March 23, 2011

Investment Guide For the Overseas Indians

Bidding adieu to the global recession and a rather unaffected economy of Asian markets especially India. The repetitive revision of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) by various organisation’s including World Bank reflected the confidence in the Indian economy and its prospects to sustain the country’s growth. The robust growth of the Indian economy also becomes evident from the influx of the foreign direct investment (FDI). India has been declared one of the most preferred destinations for the FDI inflows. Investment opportunities in India are plentiful. It becomes evident with the numerous MNC’s not only trailing their products and services into the Indian markets but also coming forward to set up their manufacturing units in India. This form of investment strategy is mainly to curb the expenses and to harness the potentials of the large consumer base and the boosting middle class income. It provides greater scope for various business investments.

With the West business and industry giants, foraying into India with customised products for the Indian consumer in order to tap the investment opportunities in India. The Government of India is trying to accommodate and utilise the conducive investment climate of the country by relaxing and even introducing new policies. The change in the Indian Government is to strategise and attract foreign investments into the country especially from the perspective of the overseas Indians or the non resident Indians (NRI). Various banks are working on providing investment strategies and investment guidance to the prospective overseas Indians/ investors to make the most fruitful deals.

With the global market trend on a rise, on back of developing countries robust economic growth, investing in India has emerged as a trendsetter phenomenon. Business in India is booming with the high demand – supply curve on a rise. The investment advisors globally are projecting the potentials of investing in India.

It is important for investors to have some trend analysis of investment scope before they plan to start or set up a business in India, thus the role of investment advisors to prepare extensive investment guides to help and direct the trade investments and the scope of foraying into a particular business in India becomes crucial.

Improved and targeted guidance for the Overseas Indians to invest in India has helped in registering a surge along with the initiation of globalisation and liberalisation. According to a survey World Investment Prospects Survey 2010-2012 conducted by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), India is the second most important FDI destination for transnational corporations during 2010-2012.
The highly attractive sectors for the private equity (PE) investors are the infrastructure development, education and sustainable development sectors among others. It is evident from the huge number of projects being taken in the infrastructure sector through the public private partnership (PPP) mode. It would not be an exaggeration to conclude that the successful implementation of the numerous infrastructure related projects form a backbone for the various parts of the country to develop. Thus, substantiating the importance and relevance of detailed yet crisp investment strategies and guide for the Overseas Indians.


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