Investment Opportunities in India

November 9, 2011

Investment in the power, education and finance sector in India: An Overview

A global recovery was witnessed during the 2nd part of the FY 2009-10 and on the back of it 2010-11 kicks off much but the equity market no more delayed to take the cue at a much earlier stage. Since June 2009 to March 2010 a trend remain bound to the range could be seen in the market and it ranged from 4500 – 5300 on the Nifty Index. This particular trend in the movement has been pointed out as a consolidation based on a broad scale after the market recovered at a high pace from the trough levels encountered during the recession period.

The promising part is that the market condition again came back to the 5300 level at Nifty and a breakout is varying much on the go. Hence this is the time to be prudent enough to explore the various sectors and the industries in order to find out opportunities to put the hard earned money in the highly profitable sectors. Here are few choices for you to decide on which had been the high flying sectors during 2010-11 and were considered as the winners. Hope this will help you to gather little insight to help in your investment.

The growth story of India is certainly indebted to the increasing rate of power generation in the country. It can be well said that energy is one of the components that has largely contributed to the development of the country.

One of the important objectives targeted by the government of India is electricity for all and the deadline is 2012, which will be by the end of the 11th Five year plan. With an exponential increment in the demand of electricity is leading to greater opportunities for the investors to plough the mullah in both private and public sector. The power sector in India is thus gaining more significance with each passing day. The thermal power plants based on generation of coal is at present accounting for about 2/3rd of the energy requirement of the country and the increasing awareness of the government about generating power by means of cleaner nuclear power plants is also on the rise.

On the other hand investment in the Indian education sector is another lucrative option and is going to reap huge profit if the money will be ploughed in a planned manner. One must explore the roots of the Indian education sector and find out as many options as possible and then zero on a decision. The financial services sector is another nice option. As it is often been said that the banking industry reflects the financial health of the country and even enables the trading activities to greater scale. The banking sector in India emerged in flying colors during the recent crisis struck the global economy and that too on the back of the stipulations laid y the Central bank. Therefore the financial services sector in India has indeed facilitated the quick, hassle free transactions and other developments by means of offering unmatched services.


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