Investment Opportunities in India

April 19, 2012

Pharmaceutical Industry in India – A Key Player in Outsourced Medical Research

The pharmaceutical industry in India has become a powerful and self reliant industry during the last decade. This industry has been growing even when the other industries have shown declination in their business. By 1980s, India had become the leading producer of drugs devoid of patent protection. The Indian Pharmaceuticals had moved on to making drugs for cancer and AIDS. From 1990 onwards, this industry had acquired a modified role of utilizing a direct to consumer way of advertising and producing SSRIs such as Prozac. With the high revenue from many drugs which were a runaway success, this industry expanded from the 1990s to the 2000.

The state health care industries in India
The Indian healthcare industry is considered to be one of the most profitable markets and is on the way to expand further according to the latest reports. India is more competitive because of the low cost and the sophisticated treatments offered at hospitals. There are many key trends which are boosting the healthcare sector in India. Medical city is one of the latest concepts offering great opportunities. Similarly, there are great prospects for day care surgery. The latest infrastructure is known to maintain around 60% of surgeries if done on a day care method.

The pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the countries which are all set to receive the highest R&D dollars, ahead of countries like Russia, China, Israel, Philippines, Canada and Ireland. India has the advantage of having sophisticated infrastructure and the highest English speaking clinical community with graduates who are trained in the west. The affordable operations, remarkable quality management and technology have made it one of the most sought after countries.

Standing in the world
The Pharmaceutical industry in India is the third largest in the world today in volume and ranks 14th in terms of value. The sales of every kind of drugs in the country are all set to reach US$ 19.22 billion in the year 2012. The exports of pharmaceutical items from India have also increased and have joined the league of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the global market currently. The Indian pharmaceutical companies have made a mark in both the world market and the Indian market with their skills in reverse processing and manufacturing low cost medicines.

The Healthcare industry in India is controlled mostly by major foreign companies, though there are many purely Indian pharmaceutical companies too. The foreign companies have subsidiaries in this country, mainly because of the availability of cheap labor. However, the 1970 Patent Act permits multinationals only 35% of representation in the market, which has decreased by 70% than what it was thirty years before. The domestic pharmaceuticals companies in India is a blend of private and public enterprise, like all the other businesses in this country. In the global market, India currently has a modest share of 1.2%; however, it has been growing around 10% yearly. Indian has managed to grip the global market with its new engineered generic medicines and active pharmaceutical elements.


Business in India – One of the Major Investment and Business Forces around the World

Most investors are interested in obtaining large returns from the business investments. The most common trend is to invest in small companies with a hope to acquire good profit once the business is successful. While small companies may be risky options for business investments, the profit potential may be quite high. Most small business which has little overhead can offer quite a safe and profitable investment opportunity. In spite of the instability in the housing market, investments in real estate, especially, in India, have provided safe, secure and very profitable investment opportunities.

Investment Potential in India
India is considered to be the second favored destination for investors from other countries, according to the latest reports. Conducting business in India offers big potentials for foreigners who are willing to invest in India. The report also states that the defense and aerospace industry is one of the emerging Indian market with the automobile considered as a much profitable sector for investors. The production of vehicles in India is all set to treble from the year 2009, while the auto parts area is liable to attain US$ 110 billion from US$ 30 billion during this period.

Tips on setting up business
Even though setting up a business in India is a long process and needs a lot of effort, the benefit derived surpasses the hard work. Once you have decided on the business you would like to start, you have to acquire a Director Identification Number. This is obtained from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs 21 (MCA21) after filling a form online to get the DIN. This form has to be printed and then posted with your proof of identity and your photograph. After getting a name for your business and paying the stamp duties online, you will get a signature certificate online. While getting a company seal is not mandatory, you might need it to issue documents and share certificates.

Business investments should be made in companies which have a good chance of sale in public securities market or have the potentials for a merger with a different company. Investing in new companies which have innovative ideas about enhancing the production and the profitability is also a good investment idea. It is best if you can gain a fair knowledge about the market before investing in any business. One must also possess a fair idea about what is happening in the world market daily.

Various business Opportunities in India
There are many exciting opportunities for conducting a business in India, especially, for entrepreneurs dealing in outsourcing technology, internet ventures, software development, e –commerce opportunity and business trends and ideas. There are lots of items which can be bought and exported. Partnering and instituting joint projects with Indian companies will offer opportunities to deal with various products without involving high cost and risks. You can also find a niche market where you can sell health care products or herbal solutions only available in India. There is also much demand for outsourcing data conversion, which is a good idea for a profitable start-up company in India. Many state specific programs and national priority level projects are being established across the country, offering big potential for investors.

April 13, 2012

The Opportunities and Outcomes of NRI Investments in India

While analyzing the structure of NRIs investment in India, first you must know in depth about FDI or foreign direct investment. Soon, you may have your organization or company in India and you might be expecting an international intervention which can surely help your company grow with years. In this case you would be appositely provided with expertise, funds and foreign money so that you can well channelize you efforts and move one step nearer towards an empirical set up. There has been much scope for FDI in India and the genre is intensifying with time. Foreign investors too are trying to make the best use of Indian intellect to make more out of the money that they are investing.

Though the scope is huge but India’s attitude in matters of foreign direct investment has not been so encouraging. You can witness hundred percent FDI influence only in case of individual retailing. Most Indian entrepreneurs are of the opinion that an FDI plan is quite ruining for Indian economy and that they would in no way be apt for a domestic economic plan. Supremacy of multi-branded retailers would mean an end to small retailers and manufacturers. They are of the opinion that a strict entry for multi branded retailers would mean loss of employment for a major section of the population. This is no way encouraging for NRIs investment in India.

However, the encouraging part about the FDI in India is that there is a section of the population who believe that if a country allows the FDI concept it would be economically beneficial for the country itself. In the process, the foreign fiscal intervention would surely allow you to have a high standard of living and the country would really stand stalwart with prefect infrastructural facilities. The greatest positive implication of FDI is that it allows a quick flow of cash. Following the way you can earn more amount of money in the least amount of time.

After all FDI in India is not a threat. There is a section of the population who feel that with apposite FDI intervention the farmers would get more money for the products which they are selling directly to the retailers. Most of the time, the mediators keep a huge part of the money for themselves, and they make the farmers suffer in the process. FDI brings the end of the sufferings and once India starts outsourcing and becomes an FDI figure itself things would really seem to improve.

There are several reasons why people would want to invest in India. Cheap resource and a strong operational unit have always kept India at the front seat in matters of ushering more foreign investments. Thus, foreign companies have always opened up in India and they are making huge amount of money through an effective production process. These foreign companies are always in look out for making the most of all the better opportunities that come on the way.

When speaking about NRIs investment in India, you must know that there are two types of FDIs. One is the inward FDI and the other one is the outward FDI. When you are investing money after a second country it is outward FDI and when you are accepting investments from a third party it can be better denoted as inward FDI.

However, while having a synopsis you can say that investments both directly and indirectly can be beneficial if you are following the rules correctly.

Taking a Leap with Standard Investment Opportunities

Recently there has been a major shift in Indian fiscal system. Several elements in the global fiscal changes are affecting Indian economy to a great extent. Recession has a great role to play here and it has enhanced the scope for India to help the east gather the necessary experience. Now recession has moved to the west and the Indian finance is having a good come back home. However, the Indian economy is changing façade quite quickly and true investment opportunities are giving Indian financial scenario a stable ground.

Investments are huge when the NRIs are returning to the country. They return with a favorable amount of foreign capital and the intent to start something new in India. People are selling their oversea assets and they are trying to return with proper investment ideas. They have the mind to alter the face of Indian economy. To do this enough capital is not the only catalyst; you must have a good plan towards financial expansion. After recession when Indian commerce was striving to survive, the investors took matters in hand and they tried to return with good hopes for their native land.

The kinds of investments in India are always controlled by the Indian exchange control laws. Making an investment is not an easy thing to do. All contributions are largely influenced by the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). However, Reserve Bank of India remains as the authoritative head. The FEMA is the tried best in managing all aspects like bank deposits, foreign exchange, shares, securities, government bonds and direct foreign investments. The network is ever expanding and whenever there is a change, a global notification is issued for the benefit of all people.

Regarding matters related to investment opportunities the FEMA will not permit investors to enter all genres. Moreover, the residential status of an investor depends on several things. His retention would be judged based on his intention. How much he wants to get attached to India is a major deciding factor. For a foreign investor to start business in India, his number of residing days in India comes within the count. To be considered as a worthy investor he must have a recent threshold of 182 days. This makes him eligible to invest in Indian economy at large.

Investing in a foreign land is more flexible when compared to the Indian structure. In India things are bit rigid. There is lack of flexibility in matters of international transactions in India. However, the non-resident Indians enjoy certain advantages in this case.

If you are returning to India permanently you can still retain your property which you own aboard. The property can be your legally earned asset or you can even inherit the property from someone who stays abroad. In both cases you can still enjoy your possessions.

The returning Indians have to do two more things. A person coming back to his native land can still hold on to his overseas bank account but for this the person must acquire RBI’s permission. After you settle down in India and acquire the status of a resident it is important that you re-designate your bank account. You have to make the process happen through a proper application. The banker would only ask for a proof to show that you are currently employed in India. In fact, investment opportunities in case of the non resident Indians are surely endless.

April 9, 2012

The Promising Healthcare Industry in India

The healthcare industry in India is growing fast. This is happening as people are becoming more conscious about diseases and ailments. The healthcare industry is gaining more attention this is because more number of Indians is becoming health conscious each day. They want their health to stay in proper condition and this is the reason they have plans to invest in this sector. With a lift in the economic status of the country and frequent rural development is ushering in more health consciousness. People in the village level now know the real meaning of a safe and disease free existence and this is the reason they are opting for more healthcare benefits.

It is also important for you to know about FDI in healthcare in India. This will give you a proper idea about how to make safe investments in the health care genre. A proper investment in the field will help entrepreneurs deal with health related affairs previous the healthcare genre in India was not quite promising. This mainly happened due to the lack of proper technical support. The private equity has helped in making things appear spectacular and promising in the genre. In the sector the Initial Public Offerings too had a great role to play.

Now life is more prone to accidents and illnesses. There is in fact no guarantee to life. You live with the fear to dike at any moment. Thus, as a support to your health and existence you really have to plan for big. Thus, it would be good to opt for a health insurance policy. Such a policy can be of immense help to you especially when you fall sick suddenly and you do not have enough cash in hand to suffice for your treatment. This is the point when healthcare industry in India comes to rescue and you are made to invest in a good health insurance policy. Thus, in case you are tremendously sick and you need cash immediately a proper healthcare policy would just be apt for you.

People are trying to know more about FDI in healthcare in India. This is a kind of field where you can really invest money in order to secure all healthcare needs. For instance, giants like AGI are at present collaborating with the TATA group to make things look more promising. Aviva, Bajaj Alliance al, are trying to bring more people to the circle. This circle is becoming bigger each day as more and more people are investing after health and well being.

The healthcare industry in India is thriving with scopes and opportunities each day. Medicine or pharmaceutical is also a significant part of the healthcare industry. The costs of medicines are increasing each day and this is the reason you must arrange for an external source which can indeed help you in health rejuvenation. As a part of the healthcare program a huge section of the population are becoming prone to therapeutic treatments. These treatments too are highly beneficial and curative and they can surely help you have the best health status.

Judging Business Investment Opportunities is Important

There are innumerable business investment opportunities meant for you. You have to grab the right one for yourself. In business you can literally invest after anything. However, a blind investment can really make you suffer in the long run. Make sure that you know in details after what you are investing. You can invest in an existing company or you can also invest in a fresh business opportunity. It absolutely depends on your requirements. However, it is always safe to invest in something which is already there. There would be minimum risk of failure. Investing after a fresh concept is hazardous. To do this you have to go through a solid research work. A perfect find out will always help you invest in the best possible way.

Are you trying to go for something more dynamic and global? Then make plans for business investments after international entrepreneurs. For this you can take the best help from internet. There are dedicated websites for the purpose and they mainly aim at matching the business enterprises with all potential investors. On net business investment is quite risky. In most cases you are dealing with an unseen company. In no way you can trace the company if you lose cash in the process. In recent years to avoid such uncanny situations most investors are checking with the international status of a company before investing a sum in the venture.

There can be local business investment opportunities as well. To do this you can start looking for the Chamber of Commerce in your particular area. Being a member of this organization you can invest in business more confidently. The chamber of commerce is a place where business men of all, status and potential come to meet each other. Business is greatly discussed in such places and the current economy is judged at a bigger rate. Here you would also find businessmen helping each other in times of need. Chambers can lend you money to buy equipment and enhance your business status.

Researching is a very important part of business investment opportunities. There are several possibilities of investment and this is the time for you to know about them in details. Never skip your research stage. Putting in money without proper knowing is a crime. You can even borrow money from several fiscal organizations when you plan to invest in business. However, such economic bodies would be really interested to know the nature and extent of your business. This is because they would be interested in judging the possibilities of your business to find out whether you would be able to return the loan in time.

There can be good business investment opportunities and there can be those safer ones as well. However, in risky business affairs the returns are quite promising. Once you win the opportunity you would get huge in return. But, the tag of risk is always there. On the other hand in less risky business affairs the amount of gain is sure to be less. The lesser is the risk the less would be the gain. Here a self-judgment is highly required before you make the ultimate investment.

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