Investment Opportunities in India

June 15, 2011

Is it worth investing online?

Investing online is a new trend developed out of extensive internet usage complemented by a growing tendency for investing. Online investments have more to do with processes rather than money involvement. It is a convenience to investors, managers, and companies alike. Investments online could be in form of securities, mutual funds, shares, or deposits.

Investing online has its own benefits. With widespread use of computing devices and unprecedented advancement in communication technology, trading of goods and services through internet is an accepted practice. The main reason behind the success of online trading is saving of time and resources. Computerization has resulted in eliminating paperwork and considerable reduction in time for data collection and compilation.

Before emergence of online trade practices, trading in shares or investing in mutual finds or term deposits involved substantial paperwork. Verification of data was also time consuming and sometimes took days. Loss of data was not unusual resulting in time loss. For investments in securities, over subscription is normal for which refunds are made. Before online processes became popular, trading in shares or IPO (initial public offers) were made in stock exchange. With subscribers, brokers, and managers occupying exchange premises, it was constantly crowded.

Situation was similar in commercial banks and financial institutions. Crowded banks were found everywhere with customers, vendors, and employees trying to occupy his own place. Bank visits were regular and a routine affair for many investors. This was a bit troublesome for aged, and indisposed customers.

Online trading has changed all these practices. Sitting from the comfort of your home you could make comparison between securities before investing in them. Internet allows you to participate in stock trading across multiple exchanges. Global trading is a definite possibility which was unimaginable in times of exchange floor trading. Through online trading virtual presence is only required to participate in dealing with securities. This trading process also eliminates the necessity of brokers, and managers.

Mutual funds are other areas of online investment. Unlike stock trading investment managers play a distinctive role in handling mutual finds. Investments in mutual funds are usually done through managing organizations. Leading mutual fund managers have their own websites through which investors could put in money. Mutual funds investments are best done by these mangers as they are aware of the more profitable investments.

Availability of mutual fund options online allows you to compare among them. Prior to this facility, comparing among different mutual funds was painstaking. Traditionally, for proper investment in mutual funds it was necessary to study money market carefully. Without perfect understanding of money market behavior investments is mutual funds were extremely risky. With multiple websites dealing in money market studies, comparing among different investments is easier.

Another form of online investment is term deposits. Term deposits are among the most popular investments as yield is high and money stays secured. In addition to commercial banks and financial institutes, large business houses also take investments in form of term deposits. All these options are easily available online. A distinct advantage of online investments is that money might be transferred through bank transfers using internet, or by using debit cards. It is not necessary to go physically to your bank or investing concern.

Investing online is a distinct advantage for investors. Not only considerable time and resources are saved, it also gives you an opportunity to opt for the best available investment. Online investing is always a worthy proposition.


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